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Another word for identify

  1. To set off by or as if by a mark indicating ownership or manufacture

      1. To put a trademark on (a product)
      2. To register (a symbol, word, etc.) as a trademark
      3. To label (a product) with proprietary identification.
      1. To apply a descriptive name to; call by an epithet
      2. To provide with a tag; fasten a tag to; label
      3. To label or identify with a tag.
      1. To single out or indicate by or as if by a mark:
      2. To attach or affix identification, such as a price tag or maker's label, to.
      3. To give attention to; notice:
      1. To attach a label to:
      2. To incorporate a labeled element into (a molecule, compound, material, etc.)
      3. To attach a label to; mark with a label
      1. To market (products) by means of branding
      2. To provide with or publicize using a brand name or other readily recognized identifier:
      3. To mark with or as with a brand
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  2. To establish the identification of

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  3. To represent as similar

      1. To produce or adduce as a parallel.
      2. To be or extend parallel to:
      3. To equal; to match; to correspond to.
      1. To be like (another) or be a counterpart to:
      2. To adapt or suit so that a balanced or harmonious result is achieved; cause to correspond:
      3. To compare
      1. (Followed by to or unto) To compare; to state that (something) is like (something else).
      2. To see, mention, or show as similar; compare.
      1. (Math.) To state or express the equality of; put in the form of an equation
      2. To treat, regard, or express as equal, equivalent, identical, or closely related
      3. To consider, treat, or depict as equal or equivalent:
      1. To be regarded as similar or equal
      2. To consider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous; liken:
      3. To examine in order to note the similarities or differences of:
      1. To change (food) into a form that can be taken up by, and made part of, the bodily tissues; absorb into the body
      2. To absorb (groups of different cultures) into the main cultural body
      3. (Now Rare) To compare or liken
      1. To make an analogy of or concerning:
      2. To use, or reason by, analogy
      3. To treat one thing as analogous to another.
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  4. To come or bring together in one's mind or imagination

      1. (Computers) To make or have a link to a webpage or electronic document:
      2. To connect, relate, or associate:
      3. To put together physically, as with links:
      1. To join together by fastening or by association; link; connect
      2. To come together; unite
      3. (Elec.) To join (two or more circuits) by a common magnetic or electric field or by direct connection
      1. To establish or demonstrate as having a correlation:
      2. To compare things and bring them into a relation having corresponding characteristics
      3. To bring (a thing) into mutual relation (with another thing); calculate or show the reciprocal relation between; specif., to bring (one of two related or interdependent quantities, sets of statistics, etc.) into contrast (with the other)
      1. To join to or by means of a communications circuit:
      2. To establish a rapport or relationship; relate:
      3. To join or fasten (two things together, or one thing with or to another); link; couple
      1. To enclose within brackets
      2. To classify or group together.
      3. To place within or as if within brackets.
      1. To join (with another or others) as a companion, partner, friend, etc.
      2. To connect or involve with a cause, group, or partner:
      3. (Intransitive) To spend time socially; keep company.
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  5. To associate or affiliate oneself closely with a person or group

      1. To be in accord; correspond.
      2. To share or understand the feelings or ideas of another:
      3. To feel or express compassion, as for another's suffering; commiserate.
      1. To have or establish a social relationship; interact:
      2. To show sympathetic understanding and awareness in one's personal relationships
      3. To tell the story of or give an account of; narrate; recount
      1. To undergo or feel empathy (with another or others)
      2. To feel or experience empathy:
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Another word for identify

      1. To know or identify from past experience or knowledge:
      2. To accept as a fact; admit; accept
      3. To show awareness of; approve of or appreciate:
      1. To be listed in a catalog:
      2. To classify (a book or publication, for example) according to a categorical system.
      3. To list or include in a catalog.
      1. To arrange or organize according to class or category.
      2. To designate (governmental documents, reports, etc.) to be secret or confidential and available only to authorized persons
      3. To declare something a secret, especially a government secret.