Sentence Examples

  • While many people equate a high number of carats with high value, it is crucial to consider all the aspects of a stone - its shape, cut, clarity, color, and setting - when choosing the appropriate engagement ring.
  • Keep in mind, unlike a small fee, interest rates compound for years, which means a slight difference in interest charges from one company to the next could equate to thousands of dollars.
  • You won't have to worry that the socks won't fit you, as you might when shopping from a department that doesn't carry larger sizes (extra large doesn't always equate to plus sizing).
  • If the pet that died had lived a long life, it's best not focus on the animal's age at the time of passing; the child may equate that to living relatives who are older and fear for their deaths.
  • The pain in his chest couldn't equate with the pain and distress shooting through him like cold fire.