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Another word for equation

  1. The state of being equivalent

      1. The state or quality of being equal.
      2. (Mathematics) A statement, usually an equation, that one thing equals another.
      3. The condition of being equal, esp. of having the same political, social, and economic rights
      1. The condition of being equivalent; equality of quantity, value, force, meaning, etc.
      2. (Uncountable) The condition of being equivalent or essentially equal.
      3. (Mathematics) An equivalence relation.
      1. (Countable) An equivalent thing.
      2. Equivalence.
      1. The average or normal state, condition, degree, etc.
      2. An equal or common status, standing, footing, level, etc.
      3. An amount or level considered to be average; a standard:
      1. (Physics) A symmetry property of a wave function: expressed as +1 if no difference can be detected between the wave function and its mirror image, and as –1 if the wave function is changed only in sign
      2. The state or condition of being the same in power, value, rank, etc.; equality
      3. (Physics) An intrinsic symmetry property of a physical system, such as a subatomic particle, that specifies how the system would behave if the three spatial coordinates were reversed from x, y, z to −x, −y, −z.
      1. A lack of variety or change; monotony.
      2. The quality or condition of being the same.
      3. The state of being equivalent; equality
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Another word for equation

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