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Another word for identification

  1. The act of identifying

  2. Means of identifying

      1. A letter issued by a bank authorizing the bearer to draw a stated amount of money from the issuing bank, its branches, or other associated banks or agencies.
      1. A declaration by a witness under oath, as that given before a court or deliberative body.
      2. All such declarations, spoken or written, offered in a legal case or deliberative hearing.
      3. Evidence in support of a fact or assertion; proof.
      1. An official document issued by a government identifying a citizen, certifying his or her nationality, and formally requesting admittance and safe passage from foreign countries.
      2. An official permit issued by a foreign country allowing one to transport goods or to travel through that country.
      3. An official document issued by an allied foreign government to a ship, especially a neutral merchant ship in time of war, authorizing it to enter and travel through certain waters freely.
      1. Official or legal permission to engage in a regulated activity:
      2. A document, card, plate, or tag that is issued as proof of official or legal permission:
      3. A contract allowing someone to use a proprietary product or service:
      1. plural form of paper.
      2. (plural only) Official documents or identification, as a passport.
      3. third-person singular simple present indicative form of paper
      1. A device or emblem worn as an insignia of rank, office, or membership in an organization.
      2. An emblem given as an award or honor.
      3. A characteristic mark or indicative trait:
      1. A card, often bearing a photograph, that gives identifying data, such as name, age, or organizational membership, about a person.
      1. In Freudian theory, the division of the psyche that is totally unconscious and serves as the source of instinctual impulses and demands for immediate satisfaction of primitive needs.
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