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Another word for badge

  1. An emblem of honor worn on one's clothing

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  2. Something visible or evident that gives grounds for believing in the existence or presence of something else

      1. One who is called on to be present at a transaction in order to attest to what takes place.
      2. Something that serves as evidence; a sign:
      3. An attesting of a fact, statement, etc.; evidence; testimony
      1. A piece of stamped metal, etc. with a face value higher than its real value, issued as a substitute for currency, for use as fare on a transportation line, etc.
      2. A specific instance of a phenomenon or a class of things, as of a linguistic feature in a sample of a person's speech, that can be isolated for study or analysis.
      3. A sign, indication, or symbol
      1. (Med.) Any condition accompanying or resulting from a disease or a physical disorder and serving as an aid in diagnosis
      2. An indication of a disorder or disease, especially a subjective one such as pain, nausea, or weakness.
      3. Any circumstance, event, or condition that accompanies something and indicates its existence or occurrence; sign; indication
      1. A mark, seal, impression, etc. used to show officially that a tax has been paid, authority given, etc.
      2. A small piece of paper, distinctively imprinted on the face and usually gummed on the back, issued by a government for a specified price and required to be affixed to a letter, parcel, document, commodity subject to duty, etc. as evidence that the prescribed fee, as for carrying mail, has been paid
      3. Any characteristic sign or impression; indication
      1. The act of signifying; indication
      2. Meaning or significance, especially of a word.
      3. The action or process of signifying:
      1. (Medicine) An objective finding, usually detected on physical examination, from a laboratory test, or on an x-ray, that indicates the presence of abnormality or disease.
      2. A displayed structure bearing lettering or symbols, used to identify or advertise a place of business:
      3. An act or gesture used to convey an idea, a desire, information, or a command:
      1. A brief informal letter:
      2. The characteristic vocal sound made by a songbird or other animal:
      3. The sign of a particular quality or emotion:
      1. A cross or other sign made on a document as a substitute for a signature by a person unable to write
      2. (Computers) A character or feature in a file, record, or data stream used to locate a specific point or condition.
      3. A sign, symbol, or indication
      1. A public demonstration, usually of a political nature.
      2. One of the forms in which someone or something, such as a person, a divine being, or an idea, is revealed.
      3. A form in which a being manifests itself or is thought to manifest itself, esp. the material or bodily form of a spirit
      1. Any of various substances used to indicate the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, the beginning or end of a chemical reaction, the presence of certain substances, etc., by changes in color
      2. An instrument used to monitor the operation or condition of an engine, furnace, electrical network, reservoir, or other physical system; a meter or gauge.
      3. (Ecol.) A species of plant or animal, or a community, whose occurrence serves as evidence that certain environmental conditions exist
      1. Something that serves to indicate; a sign:
      2. The act of indicating:
      3. Something indicated as necessary or expedient:
      1. An alphabetized list of names, places, and subjects treated in a printed work, giving the page or pages on which each item is mentioned.
      2. A number used to measure change in prices, wages, employment, production, etc.: it shows percentage variation from an arbitrary standard, usually 100, representing the status at some earlier time
      3. A thing that points out; indication; sign; representation
      1. (Law) Something presented in a legal proceeding, as a statement of a witness, an object, etc., which bears on or establishes a point in question
      2. Something indicative; an indication or set of indications:
      3. A thing or set of things helpful in forming a conclusion or judgment:
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Another word for badge

  1. Outward evidence

      1. An identifying or being identified
      2. A document or documents serving as evidence of a person's identity.
      3. The act of identifying, or proving to be the same.
      1. Something that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention, especially a material object used to represent something invisible:
      2. A written or printed mark, letter, abbreviation, etc. standing for an object, quality, process, quantity, etc., as in music, mathematics, or chemistry
      3. (Psychology) An object or image that an individual unconsciously uses to represent repressed thoughts, feelings, or impulses:
      1. An implement, especially a felt-tipped pen, used for marking or writing.
      2. (Paintball) A device that fires a paintball
      3. A milestone or similar sign
  2. A device worn as evidence

      1. A piece of metal stamped with a religious device, used as an object of veneration or commemoration.
      2. A flat piece of metal stamped with a design or an inscription commemorating an event or a person, often given as an award.
      1. A strip of cloth or braid worn on a uniform to indicate rank, awards received, or length of service; a chevron.
      2. A fabric or garment with a pattern of parallel stripes
      3. A distinctive type, kind, or sort
      1. A heraldic device in the shape of an inverted V
      2. An insignia consisting of a V-shaped bar or bars, worn on the sleeve as of a military or police uniform to show rank or service
      3. A V-shaped pattern, especially a kind of fret used in architecture.
      1. A graphic design having five or more radiating points, often used as a symbol of rank or merit.
      2. A person who excels or performs brilliantly in a given activity, esp. a sport
      3. The star key on a telephone:
      1. The top of anything, or the line or surface along the top; summit; ridge
      2. A usually ornamental tuft, ridge, or similar projection on the head of a bird or other animal.
      3. A heraldic device placed above the shield in a coat of arms, or used separately on seals, silverware, note paper, etc.
      1. A seal; a signet.
      2. A sign or an image considered magical.
      3. An image or sign having some mysterious power in magic or astrology
      1. A stamp, signet ring, etc., or the signet itself, used in making such a design
      2. A design used to identify a person or thing or to show that something is authentic, accurate, or of good quality:
      3. A design, initial, or other device placed on a letter, document, etc., as a mark of genuineness or authenticity: letters were, esp. formerly, closed with a wafer of molten wax into which was pressed the distinctive seal of the sender
      1. A mark or impression made by or as by a signet
      2. A seal, especially one used officially to mark documents.
      1. A visible symbol of a thing, idea, class of people, etc.; object or representation that stands for or suggests something else
      2. A sign, badge, or device
      3. A distinctive badge, design, or device:
      1. Any small disk, knob, etc. used as a fastening or ornament, as one put through a buttonhole on a garment
      2. (Comput.) On a computer screen, a stylized figure resembling a button or knob, that is clicked or touched so as to select an option or activate a function
      3. A usually round flat badge that bears a design or printed information and is typically pinned to a garment:
      1. A fastener or holder, particularly one that clasps.
      2. A small metal bar or other device attached to the ribbon of a military decoration to indicate the action or service for which it was awarded or an additional award of the same medal.
      3. A metal bar attached to the ribbon of a military decoration to show a subsequent award of the same medal or to specify the type or place of service
      1. The cover at the tip of a shoelace, to prevent it from fraying.
      2. Alternative spelling of aiglet.
      3. A similar device used for an ornament.
      1. A gilt cord hung in loops from the shoulder of certain military uniforms
      2. An ornamental cord worn on the shoulder of a military uniform.
      3. Alternative spelling of aiglet. (A metal tip, on a ribbon or cord that facilitated lacing two parts of a garment together.)
      1. Agent noun of weep; a person who weeps.
      2. One that weeps.
      3. A conventional badge of mourning, as the long, black band of crepe formerly worn
      1. (Bot.) A circular cluster of leaves, petals, or other organs, esp. such a cluster produced at the base of a plant as a means of overwintering
      2. Any formation, arrangement, etc. resembling or suggesting a rose
      3. An ornament or badge made of ribbon or silk that is pleated or gathered to resemble a rose and is given as an award, used to decorate clothing, or worn in the buttonhole of civilian dress to indicate the possession of certain medals or honors.
      1. Tefillin
      2. (Rare) Something worn as a charm or safeguard
      3. Either of two small leather boxes, each containing strips of parchment inscribed with quotations from the Hebrew Scriptures, traditionally worn strapped to the forehead and the left arm by Jewish men during morning worship, except on the Sabbath and holidays.
      1. An attachment to a sewing machine for marking a line on the fabric by creasing it.
      2. (Paintball) A device that fires a paintball
      3. (Sports) A device, such as a line, stake, or flag, set on a playing field and showing the playing or scoring position.
      1. A maxim adopted as a principle of behavior
      2. A brief statement used to express a principle, goal, or ideal:
      3. A word, phrase, or sentence chosen as expressive of the goals or ideals of a nation, group, family, etc. and inscribed on a seal, banner, coin, coat of arms, etc.
      1. A rosette worn in a hat as an office or party badge.
      2. A rosette, knot of ribbon, etc. worn on the hat as a badge
      3. An ornament, such as a rosette or knot of ribbon, usually worn on the hat as a badge.
      1. A decoration or flourish worn on the shoulders, as on a uniform.
      2. An ornamental strip or tab on the shoulder of a coat, dress, etc.
      3. A shoulder ornament, especially a fringed strap worn on military uniforms.
      1. A badge, emblem, or token of power or authority.
      2. A flag or banner; specif., a national flag, as one displayed on a ship
      3. A national flag displayed on ships and aircraft, often with the special insignia of a branch or unit of the armed forces.
      1. A trademark or distinctive name identifying a product, service, or organization.
      2. An association of positive qualities with a widely recognized name, as of a product line or celebrity:
      3. A product or service so identified:
      1. A band or badge worn around the upper arm.
      2. An armband with a distinctive design that identifies the wearer in some way
      3. A piece of armor covering the arm, especially from elbow to shoulder.
      1. (Heraldry) A shield or shield-shaped emblem bearing a coat of arms.
      2. A protective, often ornamental shield or plate, as that around a keyhole
      3. The space on a ship's stern bearing the name
      1. A metal insignia on a taxicab indicating that the driver or owner has a permit to carry passengers
      2. An oval or circular design, portrait, relief carving, etc. resembling a medal in shape and used as a decorative form in architecture, textiles, etc.
      3. (Architecture) A round or oval frame (often made of Stucco) which contains a plastic or pictorial decoration of a facade, an interior, a piece of furniture or equipment.
      1. Something used to gain an artistic effect
      2. A design, often with a motto, on a coat of arms; heraldic emblem
      3. A contrivance or invention serving a particular purpose, especially a machine used to perform one or more relatively simple tasks.
      1. A band of colored cloth signifying membership in an order or the award of a prize.
      2. A narrow strip of inked cloth or plastic against which type characters strike for printing, as in a typewriter
      3. A narrow strip or band of fabric, especially a fine fabric such as satin or velvet, finished at the edges and used for trimming, tying, or finishing.
      1. Any material or structure used for protection against radiation
      2. A broad piece of armor made of rigid material and strapped to the arm or carried in the hand for protection against hurled or thrusted weapons.
      3. (--- Electronics) A structure or arrangement of metal plates or mesh designed to protect a piece of electronic equipment from electrostatic or magnetic interference.
      1. (Botany) A tree or shrub, especially a fruit tree such as an apple or pear, repeatedly pruned and trained to grow on a support as a single ropelike stem.
      2. A ribbon usually worn diagonally across the breast as a badge of honor or decoration.
      3. A rope, line, tape, or similar border stretched around an area, usually by the police, indicating that access is restricted.
      1. A distinguishing sign.
      2. Badges, emblems, or other distinguishing marks, as of rank, membership, etc.
      3. Such a badge, emblem, etc.
      1. A slender, usually cylindrical piece of wood or metal for holding or fastening parts together, or serving as a support for suspending one thing from another, as:
      2. A peg of wood, metal, etc., used esp. for fastening or holding things together or as a support on which to hang things
      3. (Golf) A pole with a flag attached, placed in the hole of a green to mark its location
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