Sentence Examples

  • PASTORAL STAFF, in the Christian Church, an ensign of office or dignity.
  • Joining the army at the age of fifteen as an ensign of the 8th regiment, he became a lieutenant-colonel in 1 797, after less than thirteen years' service.
  • On the other hand, it was from Spain and Gaul that Rome probably received the orarium (stole) as an ensign of the major orders.
  • On the 17th of the following April, however, Ensign Edward Ward, commanding the soldiers, in the absence of Captain Trent, was forced to evacuate the unfinished fortification by a party of about r000 French and Indians, under Captain Contrecceur, who immediately occupied the works, which he enlarged and completed, and named Fort Duquesne, in honour of Duquesne de Menneville, governor of New France in 17521 755.
  • The pastoral staff is the ensign proper of cardinals (except cardinal-deacons) and bishops; but the former are entitled to use it only in the churches from which they derive their titles,.