Sentence Examples

  • What you'll love most is the sterling silver plaque located on the temple; it actually says, "Please Return to Tiffany and Co."The embellishment is large enough so that everyone will know exactly where you purchased your sunglasses.
  • When one or more blood vessels in the kidneys become narrowed (renal artery stenosis) because of debris and plaque build-up, or blocked because of a blood clot (renal vein thrombosis), the kidneys are unable to function properly.
  • Plaque adheres to the crevices and fissures of the teeth and generates acids that, when not removed on a regular basis, slowly eat away, or decay, the protective enamel surface of the teeth, causing holes (cavities) to form.
  • Because CoQ10 has an anti-oxidative effect on all of the body tissue, it also has an an anti-oxidative effect on LDL. While it doesn't lower the amount of LDL, it keeps it from oxidizing and becoming artery clogging plaque.
  • Pairing unexpected colors with the occasional stud detailing and a chunky zipper, or functional pouch pockets with a designer-stamped plaque interior, the brand's handbag stands for effortlessly stylish organization.