Domestic utensils
  1. service
  2. silver-service
  3. denture
  4. tea-service
  5. dental plate
A flat surface
  1. lamina
  2. slice
  3. photographic-plate
  4. scale
  5. stratum
  6. shell
A full-page illustration
A flattish dish
  1. dinner-plate
  2. soup plate
  3. salad plate
  4. casserole
  5. patera (Latin)
  6. plateful
  7. dessert plate
  8. platter
  9. trencher
Food served on a plate, sense 4
*In baseball, the base immediately before the catcher
  1. home-base
  2. home-plate
  3. home
  4. typeform
  5. zincograph
  6. zincotype
A rigid layer of the Earth's crust that is believed to drift slowly
  1. crustal plate
A shallow receptacle for collection in church
  1. collection-plate

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