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Another word for lamina

  1. A thin outer covering of an object

      1. Something like skin in appearance or function; any outer layer, as fruit rind, the shell or plating of a ship, a film or scum, the outermost nacreous layer in a pearl, etc.
      2. A container for liquids that is made of animal skin.
      3. A usually thin, closely adhering outer layer:
      1. The act of one that sheathes
      2. Something that wraps around or surrounds something, as a sheath encases its blade.
      3. A layer of boards or of other wood or fiber materials applied to the outer studs, joists, and rafters of a building to strengthen the structure and serve as a base for an exterior weatherproof cladding.
      1. A covering or receptacle resembling this, as the membrane around a muscle, a leaf base enveloping a stem of grass, etc.
      2. A usually close-fitting case or covering for a blade, as of a sword.
      3. (Biology) An enveloping tubular structure, such as the base of a grass leaf that surrounds the stem or the tissue that encloses a muscle or nerve fiber.
      1. A thin, soft, pliable sheet or layer, especially of animal or vegetable tissue, serving as a covering or lining, as for an organ or cell
      2. Any thin, flexible layer or material designed to separate, filter, etc.
      3. A thin, pliable sheet or layer of natural or synthetic material:
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