Sentence Examples

  • It is difficult to scratch the surface of laminate flooring, but over time, your German Shepherd running to meet you at the door may begin to wear down the melamine and eventually scratch up the pattern underneath.
  • While all laminate floors are virtually scratch resistant, easy to care for and can be floated over an older floor during installation, there are a few comparison points to be aware of when making your choice.
  • While a few flooring systems do require specially formulated glue be applied to each piece of laminate, some are been pre-glued at the factory and only require a damp sponge to re-activate the glue.
  • Check with the sales representative or flooring specialist who sold you the flooring and ask if there are any specific instructions on cleaning your laminate floor when it is first installed.
  • Whichever laminate floor you end up purchasing, be sure that the color and pattern of the floor you are choosing is something that works with the home as well as the quality of the plank.