Sentence Examples

  • Pick out a black lace bra with lots of dressy trim to start with, and if you'd like to try another open-tip bra, consider buying one with a lace overlay on nude, chocolate, or light pink, depending on your skin tone.
  • Adding a second overlay means waiting for the first layer to dry, and then positioning the stencil directly over where you had it last time, and adding the second overlay (usually a different color of paint).
  • These days you can break the rules and dress your daughter in a Barbie Polynesian Princess costume, which features a shimmery, metallic pink dress with tropical blue tulle overlay and tank style sleeves.
  • You can change the colors of a patterned paper, apply a paper as a semi-transparent overlay on a solid background, or combine several different embellishments to make your own customized digital tag.
  • For a fall or spring casual beach wedding dress, you may want to consider cap, three quarter length, or sheer overlay sleeves since the weather will be a bit cooler than a summer beach wedding.