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Another word for overlay

  1. To extend over the surface of

      1. To open to a fuller extent or width; stretch:
      2. To make wider the gap between; move farther apart:
      3. To distribute over a surface in a layer:
      1. To place something upon or over, so as to protect or conceal:
      2. To overlay or spread with something:
      3. To put a cover or covering on:
      1. A usually soft and close-fitting head covering, either having no brim or with a visor.
      2. A special head covering worn to indicate rank, occupation, or membership in a particular group:
      3. An academic mortarboard. Used especially in the phrase cap and gown.
      1. A large piece of woven material used as a covering for warmth, especially on a bed.
      2. A layer that covers or encloses:
      3. Applying to or covering all conditions or instances:
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Another word for overlay

  1. To burden

      1. to hold back the motion or action of, as with a burden; hinder; hamper
      2. to fill in such a way as to obstruct; block up; obstruct
      3. to load or weigh down, as with claims, debts, etc.; burden
      1. To force, press, or squeeze (something) into an insufficient or barely sufficient space; stuff.
      2. To feed a large amount of food to (an animal).
      3. To fill (oneself or one's stomach, for example) with food.
      1. To load too heavily.
      2. An excessive load.
  2. To overlap

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