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Another word for veneer

  1. A deceptive outward appearance

      1. The act of teasing or misleading someone, especially for amusement.
      2. A deception, hoax, or practical joke.
      3. Something, as a novel or play, intended as an elaborate hoax or practical joke on the reader or audience
      1. Statements, actions, or display designed to make something seem better than it really is
      2. A means of improving appearances or creating a falsely favorable impression:
      3. (Idiomatic, uncountable) A means of creating a deceptively favourable impression of something or someone; something for appearance only.
      1. A length of protective netting worn over the face by beekeepers.
      2. A piece of light fabric hung to separate or conceal what is behind it; a curtain.
      3. A piece of light fabric, as of net or gauze, worn, esp. by women, over the face or head or draped from a hat to conceal, protect, or enhance the face
      1. (Informal) An affair or undertaking:
      2. A display; a manifestation:
      3. Display or outward appearance:
      1. The barest trace; a modicum:
      2. A likeness, image, or representation
      3. Seeming; appearance; show; figure; form.
      1. A cover-up; front
      2. A reason or excuse given to hide the real reason for something.
      3. A false reason or motive put forth to hide the real one; excuse
      1. A claim or assertion to a right, especially a false one:
      2. A false show of something
      3. A false or studied show; an affectation:
      1. An involved scheme; a charade.
      2. A ball or party at which masks and fancy costumes or disguises are worn
      3. A disguise or false outward show; a pretense:
      1. A usually rubber frame forming a watertight seal around the eyes and nose and containing a transparent covering for use in seeing underwater.
      2. A covering worn on the face to conceal one's identity, as:
      3. An area of contrasting color on the face and usually across the eyes of an animal.
      1. Misleading appearance; cover, cloak.
      2. Customary way of speaking or acting; fashion, manner, practice (often used formerly in such phrases as "at his own guise"; that is, in his own fashion, to suit himself.)
      3. External appearance in manner or dress; appropriate indication or expression; garb; shape.
      1. A superficially or deceptively attractive appearance or good reputation:
      2. A brief explanatory note or translation of a difficult or technical expression usually inserted in the margin or between lines of a text or manuscript.
      3. A kind of paint that dries to a shiny finish.
      1. Attitude or appearance, as of the face, indicating state of mind; external behavior when facing a problem, etc.
      2. The forehead or face, especially of a bird or other animal.
      3. (Archit.) A face of a building; esp., the face with the principal entrance
      1. Facial cosmetics:
      2. Value or standing in the eyes of others; prestige:
      3. A person's countenance:
      1. Appearance that misrepresents the true character of something:
      2. A pretense or misrepresentation:
      3. Clothes or accessories worn to conceal one's true identity.
      1. Strategic protection given by armed units during hostile action:
      2. An activity or organization that is used to conceal an illegal or secret activity:
      3. A version of a song, esp. one that has become popular in a particular recording, as performed or recorded in imitation of the original or with a fresh interpretation
      1. Characteristic aspect, tone, or style.
      2. The effect created by a particular use of color
      3. Appearance with regard to color.
      1. A reddening of the face, as a blush or sign of anger.
      2. Vividness or variety in expression:
      3. Color of the face; esp., a healthy rosiness or a blush
      1. A loose outer garment, such as a cape.
      2. Something that covers or conceals:
      3. A loose outer garment, usually sleeveless and extending to or below the knees
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  1. To give a deceptively attractive appearance to

      1. To gloss over or conceal the faults or defects of; give a favorable interpretation of or a falsely virtuous appearance to
      2. To conceal or gloss over (wrongdoing, for example).
      3. To paint or coat with whitewash.
      1. To impart a smooth surface or appearance to, as with varnish
      2. To give a smooth and glossy finish to.
      3. To cover with varnish; brush varnish on
      1. To cause to seem more appealing or pleasant:
      2. To cover or coat with sugar
      3. To make (something disagreeable) seem more acceptable or less unpleasant, as by using flattery, euphemism, etc.
      1. (Obs.) To make glosses or comments (on); explain: the original meaning
      2. To smooth over; to palliate.
      3. To use flattery or cajolery.
      1. To smooth over or cover up (an error, inadequacy, fault, etc.); make appear right by specious argument or by minimizing
      2. To apply a gloss to:
      3. To give a bright sheen or luster to.
      1. To cover with or as if with a thin layer of gold.
      2. To give an often deceptively attractive or improved appearance to.
      3. To coat with a gold color
      1. To become red in the face; redden or blush.
      2. To take on color.
      3. To impart color to or change the color of.

Another word for veneer

  1. An outer layer

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  2. A superficial appearance

  1. To cover with a thin layer

      1. To stop (doing an activity or task) after reaching the point at which there is nothing left to do:
      2. To consume all of; use up:
      3. To give (cloth, leather, wood, etc.) a desired surface effect
      1. To give a surface to, as in paving
      2. To bring to the surface; esp., to bring (a submarine) to the surface of the water
      3. To provide with a surface or apply a surface to:
      1. To occupy a position with the face toward:
      2. To bring or to be brought face to face with:
      3. To line or trim the edge of, especially with contrasting material:
      1. To cover with a layer of something
      2. To provide or cover with a coat
      3. To cover with a layer, as of paint.
      1. To give a glossy finish to (paper) by pressing between metal sheets or rollers.
      2. To cover with armor plate:
      3. To coat or cover with a thin layer of metal.
      1. To lie over or adhere to so as to protect or conceal:
      2. To put a cover or covering on:
      3. To be spread over the surface of:
      1. To create (a new area code) having the same boundaries as another:
      2. To lay, or spread, something over or across; to cover.
      3. To cover the surface of with a decorative layer or design:
      1. To cover something flat, usually paper, in adhesive protective plastic.
      2. To form, as metal, into a thin plate, as by rolling.
      3. To cover with a thin sheet of material, as for preservation.
  2. To give a deceptive appearance of

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