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Another word for lacquer

      1. The surface given to wood, metal, etc. as by painting, varnishing, etc.
      2. Anything used to give a desired surface effect, as paint, varnish, polish, wax, etc.
      3. The reason for one's ruin; downfall:
      1. Any attractive but superficial appearance or display
      2. Any of the thin layers glued together to form plywood
      3. A thin surface layer of fine wood or costly material laid over a base of common material
      1. An old phonograph record containing this substance, typically played at 78 rpm.
      2. A thin, usually clear kind of varnish containing this resin and alcohol
      3. Refined lac, a resinous substance usually produced in thin, flaky layers or shells and used in making varnish, phonograph records, insulating materials, etc.