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Another word for sugarcoat

  1. To make superficially more acceptable or appealing

      1. (Intransitive) To have sugar crystals form in or on.
      2. To cook, preserve, saturate, or coat with sugar or syrup:
      3. To cook in or with sugar or syrup so as to glaze, encrust, or preserve
      1. To coat with a gold color
      2. To give an often deceptively attractive or improved appearance to.
      3. (Archaic) To smear with blood.
      1. To make pleasant or appealing:
      2. To give a yellow or golden color to.
      3. To sweeten with honey; add honey to.
      1. To make sugar or syrup from sugar maple sap. Often used with off.
      2. To boil down maple syrup to form maple sugar
      3. To mix, cover, sprinkle, or sweeten with sugar
      1. (Games) To increase the value of (an unwon poker pot) by adding stakes before reopening.
      2. To restore to purity; to free from taint.
      3. To remove sulfur compounds from (fuel oil or gas).
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  2. To give a deceptively attractive appearance to

      1. To become red in the face; redden or blush.
      2. To take on color.
      3. To impart color to or change the color of.
      1. To cover with or as if with a thin layer of gold.
      2. To give an often deceptively attractive or improved appearance to.
      3. To coat with a gold color
      1. To smooth over or cover up (an error, inadequacy, fault, etc.); make appear right by specious argument or by minimizing
      2. To apply a gloss to:
      3. To give a bright sheen or luster to.
      1. (Obs.) To make glosses or comments (on); explain: the original meaning
      2. To smooth over; to palliate.
      3. To use flattery or cajolery.
      1. To impart a smooth surface or appearance to, as with varnish
      2. To give a smooth and glossy finish to.
      3. To cover with varnish; brush varnish on
      1. To cover with a thin layer of more costly material; esp., to cover (wood) with wood of finer quality
      2. To overlay (a surface) with a thin layer of a fine or decorative material.
      3. To conceal, as something common or crude, with a deceptively attractive outward show.
      1. To gloss over or conceal the faults or defects of; give a favorable interpretation of or a falsely virtuous appearance to
      2. To conceal or gloss over (wrongdoing, for example).
      3. To paint or coat with whitewash.