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Another word for overlap

      1. Any of certain analogous operations involving mathematical objects other than numbers.
      2. A thing or part added; increase; specif., a room or rooms added to a building
      3. (Mathematics) The operation that, for positive integers, consists of increasing by a definite number of increments of 1. The operation is extended to other numbers according to the additive properties of positive integers and other algebraic properties.
      1. (Printing) A piece of paper used on a press tympan to vary the pressure that produces light and dark tones.
      2. A transparent sheet containing graphic matter, such as labels or colored areas, placed on illustrative matter to be incorporated into it.
      3. A transparent flap showing additional details, areas of color, etc. placed over a map, art work, etc.
      1. A publicly funded program offering such instruction along with information on agriculture, home economics, and business.
      2. (Computers) A set of characters that follow a filename and are separated from it by a period, used to identify the kind of file:
      3. Any of the telephones connected to a PBX or other telephone system, each having a number assigned for direct calling; also, the number so assigned