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Another word for meal

  1. Ground feed

      1. The act of looking or searching for food or provisions.
      2. Food for domestic animals; fodder
      3. Plant material that livestock graze or that is cut and fed to them.
      1. Dry food, such as hay, used as feed for livestock.
      2. Dry food for livestock, as hay, corn, oats, etc.; fodder
      1. Feed for livestock, especially coarsely chopped hay or straw.
      2. A consumable, often inferior item or resource that is in demand and usually abundant supply:
      3. Coarse food for cattle, horses, sheep, etc., as cornstalks, hay, and straw
      1. Plural form of groat
      2. Hulled, usually crushed grain, especially oats.
      3. Hulled, or hulled and coarsely cracked, grain, esp. wheat, buckwheat, oats, or barley
      1. Plural form of grit ('hulled oats')
      2. Ground hominy that is boiled with water or milk and served as a breakfast food or side dish.
      3. Coarsely ground grain, especially corn.
      1. Potato starch or other starch
      2. Fine meal prepared from cereal grain and various other plant products, often used as a cooked cereal or in pudding.
      3. Flour or meal made from cereal grains (esp. whole wheat), potatoes, nuts, etc. and eaten as a cooked cereal
      1. A gigantic Celtic hero and ruler of Britain. After he was mortally wounded in battle, his head was buried in London, where it served as a protection against invaders.
      2. The outer layers of the grain of cereals such as wheat, removed during the process of milling and used as a source of dietary fiber.
      3. The broken outer coat, or husk, of grains of wheat, rye, oats, etc. separated from the flour after grinding, as by sifting
  2. The quantity of food taken at one time

      1. The melting of an electric fuse from too much current
      2. A sudden escape of a confined gas or liquid, as from a well.
      3. A social function, especially one with large quantities of food
      1. Foods commonly eaten between regular meals, specif. such prepared foods as pretzels, popcorn, chips, dips, etc.
      2. An item of food eaten between meals.
      3. A small quantity of food; light meal or refreshment taken between regular meals
      1. (Slang) Food, especially convenience snack foods.
      2. A craving for snack foods. Often used with the:
      3. (Slang, always with “the") Hunger, especially a craving for food as a result of cannabis or alcohol consumption.
      1. A substantial, nourishing meal.
      2. (Idiomatic) A satisfying meal, especially suitable for one performing physical labor.
      1. (Uncountable) A performance of stand-up comedy; jokes delivered standing on a stage
      2. (Countable) A short meeting performed while standing up.
      3. A free-standing photographic print or promotional item. Alternative spelling of standee.
      1. A food to be spread on bread or crackers.
      2. The extent to which something is spread or can be spread
      3. The extent or limit to which something is or can be spread:
      1. Food; victuals.
      2. Any of a breed of medium-sized dog, originally from China, with a thick, dark coat and a blue-black tongue
      1. (Slang) An area of interest or skill:
      2. A nonrigid container made of fabric, paper, plastic, leather, etc., typically with an opening at the top that can be closed as by folding the sides; sack or pouch
      3. A container of flexible material, such as paper, plastic, or leather, that is used for carrying or storing items.
      1. The thick wormlike larva of certain beetles and other insects.
      2. (Slang) Food.
      3. (Old, Informal) A person who does menial or tedious work; drudge
      1. (Slang) Food.
      2. (Informal) Things to eat; food; meals
      1. Food for animals, especially livestock.
      2. (Sports) A pass of a ball or puck, especially to set up a scoring chance.
      3. The act of providing food, especially to an animal:
      1. Alternative spelling of feedbag.
      2. A bag filled with grain, fastened over a horse's muzzle for feeding
      1. A group of people, usually soldiers or sailors, who regularly eat meals together.
      2. An amount of food, as for a meal, course, or dish:
      3. A disorderly or confused collection or mass of things; jumble; hodgepodge
      1. A light meal: originally such a meal was served in a monastery during the collation
      2. (Library Science) The physical description of a book, including the trim size, number of pages and illustrations, etc.
      3. A conference or gathering, as of monks at the close of the day to listen to a reading from a religious book and to discuss it
      1. Refreshment with food and drink.
      2. Food or drink taken after a period of hunger or fatigue; refreshment
      3. Reingestion of fecal material to obtain nutrients, as is practiced by rabbits and rats.
      1. The act of refreshing or the state of being refreshed.
      2. Food or drink or both, esp. as a light meal
      3. Something that refreshes, as food, drink, or rest
      1. A meal that is well prepared and abundantly enjoyed.
      2. A large, elaborately prepared meal, usually for many persons and often accompanied by entertainment; a banquet.
      3. Something giving great pleasure or satisfaction:
      1. Mealtime
      2. A meal
      3. A meal or the food eaten or provided at a meal.