Sentence Examples

  • Advanced decorators that have a more thorough arsenal of equipment and knowledge about how to prepare complex cakes might want to tackle 3D models of the Death Star, life-sized lightsaber cakes, stand-up characters, or other challenges.
  • It recognizes that many of its pans can be used to create multiple shapes and models, so one frog cake is baked using a butterfly pan, and one is made with a stand-up, 3D model of a teddy bear pan.
  • Whether a bass player wants to play slap bass, stand-up bass, funk or simple punk bass lines, the availability of free bass tabs is something that can help all players achieve their goal.
  • In 1989, he and fellow comedian Larry David created a sitcom for NBC called The Seinfeld Chronicles, a semi-autobiographical look at a stand-up comedian named Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Start by keeping things simple with a frog cake pan or a flat sheet cake design, and exercise more creativity as you gain skills with stand-up cakes or custom toppers.