Sentence Examples

  • The little car slowed to a standstill, but Katie continued spinning the tires.
  • Then gold-mining, after being long at a standstill, began again to make headway.
  • All his acts were opposed, legislation was at a standstill and every effort was made to force Dr Saenz Pena to resign.
  • He afterwards ruled with almost absolute power in Angora, and thence conducted the counter-offensive of the Turkish Nationalists against the Greeks when the latter, in 1921, made their ineffectual forward movement in Asia Minor, which was brought to a standstill in the autumn.
  • Vessels can now navigate the Iron Gates at all seasons of the year when the river is not closed by ice, whereas formerly at extreme low water, lasting generally for about three months in the late summer and autumn, through navigation was always at a standstill, and goods had to be landed and transported considerable distances by land.