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Another word for tie-up

  1. A cessation of normal activity, caused by an accident or strike, for example

      1. A stopping or being stopped
      2. Something that forms an obstacle to continued activity, a blockage.
      3. The act of stopping or the condition of being stopped; a halt:
      1. A preserve made from whole fruit boiled to a pulp with sugar.
      2. A group of persons or things so close together as to jam a passageway, etc.
      3. (Informal) jam session
      1. (Soil science) The process in which organic soil matter is decomposed and absorbed by microorganisms, and thus not available to plants.
      2. The act or process of preventing a thing from moving.
      1. On a smaller scale: the situation in which cars enter a signal-controlled intersection too late during the green light cycle, and are unable to clear the intersection (due to congestion in the next block) when the light turns red, thus blocking the cross traffic when it's their turn to go. Repeated at enough intersections, this phenomenon can lead to citywide gridlock.
      2. A traffic jam, as at an intersection, in which no vehicle can move in any direction
      3. A traffic jam in which no vehicular movement is possible, especially one caused by the blockage of key intersections within a grid of streets.
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Another word for tie-up

  1. To fasten

      1. To protect or ensure the privacy or secrecy of (a telephone line, for example).
      2. To make certain; ensure:
      3. To get hold or possession of; obtain; acquire
      1. To otherwise offer or present in an attractive or enticing way as if for commercial consumption
      2. To wrap or seal (a commodity) in a container, wrappings, etc. designed to attract purchasers
      3. To wrap or box, as for transporting, carrying, etc.
      1. To clasp, fold, or coil about something:
      2. To surround or involve in a specified quality or atmosphere:
      3. To enclose, especially in paper, and fasten:
  2. To obstruct

      1. To put off to a future time; postpone
      2. To act or move slowly; put off an action or a decision.
      3. To stop for a while; linger
      1. To be able to go no further; come to an end
      2. To interrupt one's course or journey for a brief visit or stay. Often used with by, in, or off:
      3. To prevent the flow or passage of:
      1. To obstruct or delay the progress of:
      2. To delay action; be a hindrance
      3. To keep back; restrain; get in the way of; prevent; stop
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