Sentence Examples

  • The tundra passes by imperceptible gradations into the moor, bog and heath of warmer climates.
  • Moor as secretary for Native Affairs.
  • Moor, who in his election campaign had criticized the Smythe ministry for their financial proposals and for the " theatrical " manner in which they had conducted their conflict with the home government.
  • This army engaged the Royalists under Prince Rupert at Marston Moor, and Leslie bore a particularly distinguished part in the battle.
  • He commanded a troop of horse in Scotland in 1639; was involved in army plots in 1641, for which he was committed to the Tower, but escaped abroad; and on the outbreak of the Civil War returned to England and served with Prince Rupert, being present at Marston Moor, the second battle of Newbury and Naseby.