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Another word for stalemate

  1. An equality of scores, votes, or performances in a contest

      1. A political campaign or other contest that is so close that it is impossible to predict the winner.
      2. A race in which two or more contestants reach the finish line at exactly the same time; tie
      1. A standstill resulting from the action of equal and opposed forces; stalemate
      2. (Computing) An inability to continue due to two programs or devices each requiring a response from the other before completing an operation
      3. A tie between opponents in the course of a contest
      1. One that attracts interest, customers, or spectators:
      2. A special advantage; an edge:
      3. (--- Games) A draw shot.
      1. A situation in which one force or party neutralizes or counterbalances the other and further action is prevented; a standstill:
      2. A deadlocked confrontation between antagonists (see stand off and verb below).
      3. A tie or draw, as in a contest.
      1. An equality of scores, votes, or performance in a contest:
      2. A contest or match in which there is such an equality; draw; stalemate
      3. A contest so resulting; a draw.
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Another word for stalemate

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