Sentence Examples

  • Many candle makers enjoy working with soy wax, because it comes in a convenient flake form that's much easier to handle and measure than large blocks of paraffin wax.
  • If your dog's nails tend to break or flake easily and are discolored, a visit to your veterinarian can confirm whether this is due to the presence of a canine nail fungus.
  • Otherwise, the food that you prepare may pick up a metallic flavor and loose rust may flake off and adhere to what you are cooking.In most cases, the best tool to remove rust from a grill grate is a wire brush.
  • If you're planning to display the finished flower pot outside, you'll also want to spray the pot with a clear protective sealer to make sure your rub-ons don't start to flake when exposed to the elements.
  • 4), snow-flake, Arum and palms. In some palms it is 20 ft.