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Another word for twig

  1. To perceive and recognize the meaning of

      1. To be able to hold (something applied or inserted):
      2. To receive something, especially with favor. Often used with of.
      3. To take (what is offered or given); receive, esp. willingly
      1. To understand something.
      2. To grasp mentally; understand:
      3. To take hold of mentally; perceive; understand
      1. To get and hold (something that has been in motion) in a hand, the hands, a container, or an implement:
      2. To go to see (a performance, for example):
      3. To take or get passively; incur or contract without intention, as by exposure
      1. To accomplish or bring about:
      2. To grasp mentally; understand; comprehend
      3. (Archaic) To go around; make a circuit of
      1. To have as part of something larger; encompass or include.
      2. To grasp mentally; understand
      3. To include; take in; comprise
      1. To apprehend mentally; understand.
      2. To be of the opinion that; think:
      3. To hold as one's conviction or opinion; think; imagine
      1. To penetrate to the meaning or nature of; comprehend.
      2. To determine the depth of; sound.
      3. To get to the bottom of; understand thoroughly
      1. To come, move, or take place after another person or thing in order or time.
      2. To go after in order to catch; chase; pursue
      3. To take as a model; act in accordance with; imitate
      1. (Slang) To cause an emotional response in; irritate, please, thrill, etc.
      2. To take revenge on, especially to kill in revenge for a wrong.
      3. To begin or start. Used with the present participle:
      1. ​To understand.
      2. To reach for and try to seize
      3. To take hold of mentally; understand; comprehend
      1. To know (a language) well enough to interpret its written form
      2. To have or use as a preferred reading in a particular passage:
      3. To get the meaning of (something written, printed, embossed, etc.) by using the eyes, or for Braille, the finger tips, to interpret its characters or signs
      1. To make sure; take care:
      2. To get a clear mental impression of; grasp by thinking; understand
      3. To consider:
      1. To be or become aware of
      2. To become aware of; perceive:
      3. To comprehend; understand
      1. To understand or interpret:
      2. To get possession of (fish or game, for example) by capturing or killing.
      3. To subtract:
      1. To subscribe to home delivery of.
      2. To shorten (a garment) or make it smaller.
      3. To allow a person or an animal to live in one's home.
      1. To become aware of the intended meaning of (a person or remark, for example):
      2. To take as meant or meaning; interpret
      3. To get or perceive the meaning of; know or grasp what is meant by; comprehend
      1. To understand; comprehend.
      2. (Slang) To understand; get the idea
      1. To obtain or find by an action similar to digging:
      2. To uncover and get from the ground or another surface in this way
      3. To take notice of:
      1. (Now Chiefly Dial.) To recognize
      2. To know (a person or thing).
      3. (Archaic) To see; look at; descry

Another word for twig

      1. A branch, descendant, or member of a family or social group.
      2. Something that branches out or derives its existence or origin from a particular source.
      3. Anything that branches off, or derives from, a main source; specif., a shoot or stem growing laterally from the main stem of a plant
      1. (Botany) The border or upper spreading part of a monopetalous corolla, or of a petal or sepal; blade.
      2. (Astronomy) The border or edge of the disk of a heavenly body, especially of the sun or moon.
      3. An extension or part distinguished from the main body or group:
      1. (Archaic) A young, immature person.
      2. A person as the offspring or scion of a family, institution, class, etc.
      3. A small shoot or twig of a plant.
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