Sentence Examples

  • In 1967, Twiggy was the first celebrity Barbie friend, based on the British model. 1968's Talking Christie was Barbie's first African-American friend, predating the first Black Barbie by 12 years.
  • Before Twiggy hit the scene and her tiny figure, shown off in a body-hugging minidress, became all the rage, the curviness of the 1950s was still the exemplar of fashion.
  • The Motorcycle Bag is also available in the La Dix Motorcycle, which offers slight design variations, and the Twiggy Motorcycle, which has a rounded, barrel type style.
  • The site features paisley, semi-psychedelic layouts reminiscent of Peter Max, layouts with pictures of the model Twiggy and layouts with hippies and flower children.
  • Think Twiggy in her heyday for the ultimate inspiration, but look to Sienna Miller's heavily layered take on the look for a more modernized, trendy feel.