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Another word for signet

      1. The fur of a fur seal
      2. A design, initial, or other device placed on a letter, document, etc., as a mark of genuineness or authenticity: letters were, esp. formerly, closed with a wafer of molten wax into which was pressed the distinctive seal of the sender
      3. The design or emblem itself, belonging exclusively to the user:
      1. A characteristic mark or indicative trait:
      2. Any distinguishing mark, sign, or symbol
      3. A distinctive token, emblem, or sign worn to show rank, membership, achievement, etc.
      1. A mark, seal, impression, etc. used to show officially that a tax has been paid, authority given, etc.
      2. A mark or form made by such a tool or implement
      3. An identifying or characterizing mark or impression:
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