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Another word for pay

  1. To give payment to in return for goods or services rendered

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  3. To distribute (money) as payment.

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  5. To set right by giving what is due.

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  7. To make as income or profit

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  9. To give a satisfactory return to

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Another word for pay



    pay back

  1. To exact revenge for or from

  2. pay off

  3. To exact revenge for or from

  4. pay off

  5. To give, offer, or promise a bribe to

Another word for pay

  1. To retaliate

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Synonym Study

  • Recompense stresses the idea of compensation or requital they felt adequately recompensed for their efforts
  • Repay implies a paying back of money given to one or may refer to a doing or giving of anything in requital how can I repay you for your kindness?
  • To indemnify is to pay for what has been lost or damaged they were indemnified for the war destruction
  • To reimburse is to pay back what has been expended to reimburse employees for traveling expenses
  • Remunerate stresses the idea of payment for a service rendered, but it often also carries an implication of reward a bumper crop remunerated the farmer for past labors
  • Compensate implies a return, whether monetary or not, thought of as equivalent to the service given, the effort expended, or the loss sustained one could never be compensated for the loss of a child
  • Pay is the simple, direct word meaning to give money, etc. due for services rendered, goods received, etc.