Sentence Examples

  • The outlay on trust property in that period was more than fifteen millions.
  • Within ten years this category of outlay had increased from 8,000,000 to 28,800,000.
  • As yet no more definite principle has been discovered than the somewhat obvious one of measuring the proposed items of outlay (I) against each other, (2) against the sacrifice that additional taxation involves.
  • The expedition was undertaken on his suggestion and its success was largely due to his energy and enthusiasm; in September 1749 £ 183,650 (English) in coin was brought to Boston to cover the outlay of Massachusetts, and largely through Shirley's influence this was used for the redemption of outstanding paper money, thus re-establishing the finances of the province, a subject to which Shirley had given much attention.
  • The canal system of Orissa was never expected to be remunerative, since in five years out of six the local rainfall is sufficient for the rice crop. In1878-1879the area irrigated was 111,250 acres, and the outlay up to date was Rx.1,750,000.