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Another word for tribute

  1. An expression of admiration or congratulation

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  2. A formal token of appreciation and admiration for a person's high achievements

      1. A statement in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim.
      2. A written affirmation of another's character or worth; a personal recommendation.
      3. Something given in appreciation of a person's service or achievement; a tribute.
      1. A simultaneous discharge of firearms.
      2. The simultaneous release of a rack of bombs from an aircraft.
      3. The projectiles or bombs thus released.
      1. To greet or address with an expression of welcome, goodwill, or respect.
      2. To recognize (a superior) with a gesture prescribed by military regulations, as by raising the hand to the cap.
      3. To honor formally and ceremoniously:
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Another word for tribute

  1. Recognition

  2. Money paid a conqueror

      1. To impose (a tax or fine, for example) on someone.
      2. To impose a tax, fine, or other punishment on (a person or business).
      3. To enlist or conscript into military service:
      1. A fixed sum charged, as by an institution or by law, for a privilege:
      2. A charge for professional services:
      3. A tip; a gratuity.
      1. The release of property or a person in return for payment of a demanded price.
      2. The price or payment demanded or paid for such release.
      3. A redemption from sin and its consequences.
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Synonym Study

  • Panegyric suggests superlative or elaborate praise expressed in poetic or lofty language Cicero's panegyric upon Cato
  • Eulogy generally applies to a formal speech or writing in exalting praise, especially of a person who has just died
  • Encomium suggests an enthusiastic, sometimes high-flown expression of praise encomiums lavished on party leaders at a convention
  • Tribute , the broadest in scope of these words, is used of praise manifested by any act, situation, etc. as well as that expressed in speech or writing their success was a tribute to your leadership