Sentence Examples

  • No false hope, no redress, no going back.
  • The Burmese women have a keener business instinct than the men, and serve in some degree to redress the balance.
  • In their misery the cities frequently appealed for protection to the emperor and other foreign potentates, as no redress was attainable at home.
  • Violence speedily followed; the local militia was called out, but since only a few would serve the only means found to quiet the people was an alleged promise from the governor that if they would petition him for redress and go to their homes he would see that justice was done.
  • As doubtful questions of trust, of wardship, of testamentary succession, they were taken up not in the strict course of justice, but as matters in which redress was sorely needed and had to be brought by the exceptional power of the court of chancery.