Sentence Examples

  • The assythment, or indemnification due to the heirs of the person murdered from the murderer, is due if the murderer has received pardon, though not if he has suffered the penalty of the law.
  • In Germany the indemnification of the princes who lost all their lands west of the Rhine was found by secularizing and absorbing the ecclesiastical states of the empire.
  • But he was richly compensated, apart from the regular indemnification paid by the German Government, when he was called in by Ludendorff as the most competent expert to 'give advice, to organize the coal and the industrial production of occupied Belgium and to help to set in motion the gigantic production of war material which the German G.H.Q.
  • The territory of Damaun proper was conquered by the Portuguese in 1559; that of Nagar Havili was ceded to them by the Mahrattas in 1780 in indemnification for piracy.
  • In self- defence against this continuance of the policy and the The 13th personnel of the Conventiona modern Long Parliament the royalists, persistent street-fighters and masters in the sections after the suppression of the daily indemnification of forty sous, attempted the insurrection of the 13th Vendmiaire (October 5, 1795), which was easily put down by General Bonaparte.