Sentence Examples

  • The result of this failure was the renewal of war on a large scale.
  • His refusal to comply with the pope's injunctions led to a renewal of the war.
  • The history of the renewal of the war, of the fall of Addington's ministry, and of the formation of Pitt's second administration is so fully dealt with in the article on Pitt (q.v.) that it need not be repeated here.
  • The renewal of the religious war in September 1567, however, was at once a symptom and a cause of diminished influence to L'Hopital, and in February 1568 he obtained his letters of discharge, which were registered by the parlement on the IIth of May, his titles, honours and emoluments being reserved to him during the remainder of his life.
  • The probability of a French invasion in August was increased by the renewal of the war in May, Emmet's brother Thomas being then in Paris in communication with Talleyrand and Bonaparte.