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Another word for replacement

  1. One that takes the place of another

      1. Subscription
      2. A submarine sandwich.
      3. A substitute.
      1. Alternative spelling of pinch hitter.
      2. (Cricket) An aggressive batsman brought on to score runs quickly, even at the risk of losing his wicket.
      3. (Colloquial) An individual who substitutes for another to perform one or more tasks.
      1. A temporary replacement for another
      2. One that serves as a substitute for another.
      3. A person or thing that fills a vacancy or gap, often temporarily
      1. In Freudian psychology, a figure of authority who takes the place of the father or mother in a person's unconscious or emotional life.
      2. (Psychiatry) A substitute figure, esp. a person of some authority, who replaces a father or mother in one's feelings
      3. A woman who, by prior agreement, becomes pregnant and bears a child for another woman or a couple, who will then raise it
      1. (Gram.) Any word or word group, as a pronoun, the verb to do, etc., used in place of another word or words (Ex.: did for shouted in “she shouted, and he did, too”)
      1. A person who serves as a substitute for a film or television actor or actress as while lights and cameras are being adjusted
      2. A person of similar size and shape to an actor that "stands-in" for the actor during the lengthy process of setting up a shot, who, unlike a double, does not appear in the film.
      3. A substitute.
      1. An alternative.
      2. A person standing by to take the place of another if necessary; substitute
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  2. A person or persons taking over the duties of another

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