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Another word for pinch hitter

  1. One that takes the place of another

      1. An alternative.
      2. A person standing by to take the place of another if necessary; substitute
      1. A member of the armed forces available for assignment to fill a vacancy or complete a quota; reinforcement
      2. (Geol.) The process of very gradual solution and simultaneous deposition by which one kind of mineral is substituted for another
      3. A replacing or being replaced
      1. A person who serves as a substitute for a film or television actor or actress as while lights and cameras are being adjusted
      2. A substitute.
      3. A person of similar size and shape to an actor that "stands-in" for the actor during the lengthy process of setting up a shot, who, unlike a double, does not appear in the film.
      1. (Gram.) Any word or word group, as a pronoun, the verb to do, etc., used in place of another word or words (Ex.: did for shouted in “she shouted, and he did, too”)
      1. A person or animal that functions as a substitute for another, as in a social or family role.
      2. (Psychiatry) A substitute figure, esp. a person of some authority, who replaces a father or mother in one's feelings
      3. One that takes the place of another; a substitute.
      1. A temporary replacement for another
      2. One that serves as a substitute for another.
      3. A person or thing that fills a vacancy or gap, often temporarily
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Another word for pinch hitter