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Another word for agent

  1. That by which something is accomplished or some end achieved

      1. (Music) An instrument consisting of a number of pipes that sound tones when supplied with air and a keyboard that operates a mechanism controlling the flow of air to the pipes.
      2. An instrument or means of communication, especially a periodical issued by a political party, business firm, or other group.
      3. A large wind instrument consisting of various sets of pipes which, as they are opened by corresponding keys on one or more keyboards, allow passage to a column of compressed air that causes sound by vibration
      1. A specific kind of artistic technique or means of expression as determined by the materials used or the creative methods involved:
      2. (Physics) A substance that propagates energy or signals through space via changes in its own state:
      3. A middle state or degree; mean
      1. The theory or doctrine that all the phenomena of the universe, particularly life, can ultimately be explained in terms of matter moving in accordance with the laws of nature
      2. Any system or means for doing something; esp., a physical or mental process or processes, whether conscious or unconscious, by which some result is produced
      3. A system whose parts work together like those of a machine
      1. Something having a position, quality, or condition midway between extremes; a medium.
      2. The average value of a set of numbers.
      3. (Mathematics) A number that typifies a set of numbers, such as a geometric mean or an arithmetic mean.
      1. One that acts as an agent between persons or things; a means.
      2. A person or organisation in an intermediate position in a supply chain of goods or services
      3. Any medium, means, or agency
      1. The instruments used, as in a mechanical apparatus or in a particular musical score, band, etc.
      2. The study, development, and manufacture of instruments, as for scientific or industrial use.
      3. The act of using or adapting as an instrument; a series or combination of instruments; means; agency.
      1. A subsidiary branch, as of a government, by means of which functions or policies are carried out.
      2. The condition, quality, or fact of being instrumental, or serving as a means
      3. A means or agency
      1. Any of various devices for indicating or measuring conditions, performance, position, direction, etc. or, sometimes, for controlling operations, as in an aircraft
      2. A tool or implement, esp. one used for delicate work or for scientific or artistic purposes
      3. A thing by means of which something is done; means
      1. The business office or district of such a person, firm, etc.
      2. The means or mode of acting; instrumentality.
      3. That by which something is done; means; instrumentality
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  2. A person who secretly observes others to obtain information

      1. (Informal) A specter; ghost
      2. (Slang) A spy or secret agent
      1. (Now Rare) An act of spying
      2. One who secretly collects information concerning the enemies of a government or group.
      3. A person employed by a government to get secret information about or monitor the affairs, plans, armed forces, etc. of another government
      1. A spy, secret agent, or detective.
      2. One who works for a political organization, often wielding influence out of public view.
      3. A detective or spy

Another word for agent

  1. One who acts for another

  2. An instrumentality

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Synonym Study

  • Proxy implies the delegation of power to substitute for another in some formal or ceremonial act some stockholders vote by proxy
  • A deputy is a public official to whom certain authority has been delegated by superiors
  • Factor , a less common term, now usually denotes an agent for the sale of goods
  • An agent is, generally, a person or thing that acts or is capable of acting, or, in this comparison, one who is empowered to act for another a literary agent