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Another word for servant

      1. (Brit., Informal) A female domestic servant, esp. one who does hard, menial work
      1. A person who is completely dominated by some influence, habit, person, etc.
      2. One who is subject to or controlled by a specified influence:
      3. A slave ant.
      1. (Pejorative) Someone who works for (may be taken advantage of by) someone else.
      2. A person who works in a low servile job.
      3. A person who does tedious, menial, or unpleasant work.
      1. A servant for the home, as a maid or cook
      2. Native products
      3. A product or substance discovered in, developed in, or exported from a particular country.
      1. A person who has a servile or low nature.
      2. A servant, especially a domestic servant.
      3. A domestic servant
      1. (Obs.) A subordinate part
      2. One who relies on another, especially for financial support.
      3. A person who depends on someone else for existence, support, etc.
      1. A servile follower; a toady.
      2. A follower who carries out another's orders like a servant; toady
      3. A male servant of low rank, usually in some sort of livery or uniform
      1. One who works solely for compensation, especially a person willing to perform for a fee tasks considered menial or offensive.
      2. (Usually pejorative) someone who does a job purely for money, rather than out of interest in the work itself
      3. (Usually pejorative) an employee who is hired, often to perform unpleasant tasks with little independence
      1. One who helps; an aide.
      2. (Singapore) A person who does cleaning and cooking in a family, or in a market.
      3. A person or thing that helps; esp., an assisting worker who is more or less unskilled
      1. (Dentistry) An appliance used to hold teeth in position after orthodontic treatment.
      2. The act of engaging the services of a lawyer, consultant, etc.
      3. A device designed to hold teeth in position after they have been adjusted by orthodontics
      1. A person who attends or serves
      2. A person present
      3. One who attends; one who works with or watches something.
      1. One that performs the duties of a servant to another; an attendant.
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