Sentence Examples

  • Albumins: serum-albumin, egg-albumin, lact - albumin.
  • Serum diagnosis of disease.
  • If my serum worked, then we know her blood will give immunity.
  • So various are the conditions of selfregulation in various animals, both in respect of their peculiar and several modes of assimilating different foods, and of protecting themselves against particular dangers from without, that, as we might have expected, the bloods taken from different species, or even perhaps from different individuals, are found to be so divergent that the healthy serum of one species may be, and often is, poisonous to another; not so much in respect of adventitious substances, as because the phases of physiological change in different species do not harmonize; each by its peculiar needs has been modified until, in their several conditions of life, they vary so much about the mean as to have become almost if not quite alien one to another.
  • Another serum has been prepared by Lustig and Galeotti.