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Another word for ancillary

  1. Giving or able to give help or support

      1. (Law) Acting as an accessory; helping in an unlawful act
      2. Extra; additional; helping in a secondary or subordinate way
      3. (Law) Involving the knowing assistance of a lawbreaker in the commission of a crime without actual participation in the crime.
      1. Giving aid; auxiliary.
      2. Holding an auxiliary position; subordinate.
      3. Assisting; helping; that serves as a helper
      1. Giving assistance or support; helping.
      2. Designating or of any of the noncombat ships, as tankers or tenders, that form the service fleet of a navy
      3. Held in or used as a reserve:
      1. Of a secondary nature; subordinate:
      2. Accompanying or existing in a subordinate, corroborative, or indirect relationship
      3. Secondary; subordinate; supplemental. Secondary; subordinate; supplemental. Property, including accounts, contract rights, and chattel paper, that is subjected to a security interest in exchange for credit or as security for a debt. Indirect; on a parallel or diverging line.
      1. Contributing, as to a common fund
      2. Subject to an impost or levy.
      3. Having a share in bringing about a result
      1. Being in a secondary or subordinate relationship
      2. Serving to assist or supplement; auxiliary.
      3. Giving aid, support, service, etc.; serving to supplement; auxiliary
      1. That gives support, help, or approval
      2. Providing support.
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