Sentence Examples

  • By popular preference made of the wood of a sacred tree, it was brought into church, and washed first with water and then with wine, or anciently perhaps with blood of a victim.
  • There must anciently have existed one or more prose works on Jeremiah and his times, written partly to do honour to the prophet, partly to propagate those views respecting Israel's past with which the name of Jeremiah was associated.
  • Astrakhan was anciently the capital of a Tatar state, and stood some 7 m.
  • It was also known formerly as White Sunday, being still officially termed by the Roman Catholic Church Dominica in albis, " Sunday in white garments," in allusion to the white garments anciently worn on this day by those who had been baptized and received into the Church just before Easter.
  • I see far inland the banks which the stream anciently washed, before science began to record its freshets.