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Another word for secondary

  1. Below another in standing or importance

      1. Insignificant or unimportant; minor:
      1. Less than is required or customary:
      2. Located or situated on a lower level or beneath something else:
      3. Lower in rank, power, or authority; subordinate.
      1. (Grammar, of a clause, not comparable) dependent on and either modifying or complementing the main clause
      2. Inferior to or placed below another in rank, power, importance, etc.; secondary
      3. Belonging to a lower or inferior class or rank; secondary.
      1. (Brit.) Holding an army commission below that of captain
      2. (Logic) Designating a proposition that is implied by another proposition but does not imply it
      3. Subordinate; of lower rank
      1. Little in size, esp. when compared with others of the same kind; not large or big; limited in size
      2. Consisting of relatively few units; numerically low
      3. Being below average in quantity or extent:
      1. Narrow-minded or ungenerous, especially in trifling matters:
      2. Relatively low in rank; subordinate
      3. Of small importance; trivial:
      1. (US) Of or pertaining to a minor league
      2. (Sports) Relating or belonging to a minor league.
      3. Of relatively minor importance
      1. Based on the scale pattern of the minor mode
      2. (Music) Designating an imperfect interval smaller than the corresponding major interval by a semitone
      3. Characterized by minor intervals, scales, etc.
      1. (Biology) Less complex in organization or having traits similar to those of organisms that evolved earlier in the history of life on Earth.
      2. Denoting the larger and usually more representative house of a bicameral legislature.
      3. Physically situated below a similar or comparable thing:
      1. Having a pitch corresponding to a relatively small number of sound-wave cycles per second.
      2. Ranked near the beginning of an ascending series or scale:
      3. Relatively small. Used of a cost, price, or other value:
      1. Smaller, less, or less important
      2. Smaller in amount, value, or importance, especially in a comparison between two things:
      3. Of a smaller size than other, similar forms:
      1. Intended for or including youthful persons:
      2. Of more recent position or lower status
      3. Lower in rank or shorter in length of tenure:
      1. Lower in space; placed lower down
      2. Low or lower in quality, value, or estimation:
      3. Low or lower in order, status, rank, etc.; subordinate
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  2. Used or held in reserve

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  3. Stemming from an original source

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  1. One belonging to a lower class or rank

      1. One of lesser rank or authority than another; a subordinate.
      2. A person in a subordinate position; inferior: usually contemptuous or disparaging
      1. A subordinate person or thing
      2. (Countable) One who is subordinate.
      1. A person who is lower in position or rank; a subordinate.
      2. (Logic) A particular proposition that follows from a universal with the same subject, predicate, and quality.
      3. A subordinate
      1. A size and style of clothing designed for teens and young women, cut to fit smaller in the bust and hips than regular women's clothing
      2. A person of lower standing or rank
      3. A student in the third year of a US high school or college.
      1. (Printing) An inferior character, such as the number 2 in CO2.
      2. A person lower in rank, status, or accomplishment than another.
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