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Another word for supplemental

  1. Forming or serving as a complement

  2. Used or held in reserve

      1. supplying what is lacking; additional
      2. a supplementary person or thing
      1. One that can always be relied on, as in an emergency.
      2. One kept in readiness to serve as a substitute.
      3. A mode of operation for a computer, television, or other electronic device in which the power is on and the device is ready for immediate use.
      1. Second or lower in rank or importance; not primary:
      2. Following what is first in time or sequence:
      3. Of or relating to secondary schools.
      1. To keep back, as for future use or for a special purpose:
      2. To set or cause to be set apart for a particular person or use:
      3. To keep or secure for oneself; retain:
      1. A serious situation or occurrence that happens unexpectedly and demands immediate action.
      2. A condition of urgent need for action or assistance:
      3. For use during emergencies:
      1. A reserve or substitute.
      2. A copy of a program or file that is stored separately from the original.
      3. Support or backing.
      1. Giving assistance or support; helping.
      2. Acting as a subsidiary; supplementary:
      3. Held in or used as a reserve:
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