Sentence Examples

  • Many employers will allow employees to opt for additional dental coverage under their insurance plans for a fee, or will allow employees to search for their own supplemental dental insurance coverage to take care of their dental needs.
  • In 1865 a new and more satisfactory law was passed, which with supplemental legislation is still in force.
  • - As supplemental to the account of poetry may be mentioned here some of the chief collections of ancient verse, sometimes made for the sake of the poems themselves, sometimes to give a locus classicus for usages of grammar or lexicography, sometimes to illustrate ancient manners and customs. The earliest of these is the Mo'allakat.
  • A volume of supplemental notes to his Middle Ages was published in 1848.
  • The census and statistics office, reorganized as a branch of the department of agriculture in 1905, undertakes a complete census of population, of agriculture, of manufactures and of all the natural products of the Dominion every ten years, a census of the population and agriculture of the three North-West Provinces every five years, and various supplemental statistical inquiries at shorter intervals.