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Another word for small

  1. Little in size

      1. Short and slender. Used of a girl or woman.
      2. Small in size or scope; tiny:
      3. A clothing size for short, slender women.
      1. A copy or model that represents or reproduces something in a greatly reduced size.
      2. Something small of its class.
      3. A small painting executed with great detail, often on a surface such as ivory or vellum.
      1. Extremely or extraordinarily small.
      2. Of or being a suffix that indicates smallness or, by semantic extension, qualities such as youth, familiarity, affection, or contempt, as -let in booklet, -kin in lambkin, or -et in nymphet.
      3. A diminutive suffix, word, or name.
      1. A unit of time equal to one sixtieth of an hour, or 60 seconds.
      2. A unit of angular measurement equal to one sixtieth of a degree, or 60 seconds.
      3. A measure of the distance one can cover in a minute:
      1. Small in size:
      2. Small in quantity or extent:
      3. Short in extent or duration; brief:
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  2. Little in quantity

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  3. Unimportant

  4. Ignoble

      1. The lowest or bottom part:
      2. The part of a plant or animal organ that is nearest to its point of attachment.
      3. The point of attachment of such an organ.
      1. Of small importance; trivial:
      2. Narrow-minded or ungenerous, especially in trifling matters:
      3. Of lesser importance or rank; subordinate:
      1. To be used to convey; denote:
      2. To act as a symbol of; signify or represent:
      3. To intend to convey or indicate:
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  5. Humble

      1. Inspiring or deserving pity.
      2. Arousing contemptuous pity, as through ineptitude or inadequacy.
      3. Filled with pity or compassion.
      1. Having insufficient wealth to meet the necessities or comforts of life or to live in a manner considered acceptable in a society.
      2. Relating to or characterized by poverty:
      3. Deficient or lacking in a specified resource or quality:
      1. Having or showing a moderate estimation of one's own abilities, accomplishments, or value:
      2. Having or proceeding from a disinclination to call attention to oneself; retiring or diffident:
      3. Observing conventional proprieties in speech, behavior, or dress, especially in the avoidance of arousing sexual interest.
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Synonym Study

  • Petite has specific application to a girl or woman who is small and trim in figure
  • Miniature applies to a copy, model, representation, etc. on a very small scale miniature model cars
  • Minute and the more informal tiny suggest that which is extremely diminutive, often to the degree that it can be discerned only by close scrutiny a minute, or tiny, difference
  • Diminutive implies extreme, sometimes delicate, smallness or littleness the diminutive Lilliputians
  • Small and little are often used interchangeably, but small is preferred with reference to something concrete of less than the usual quantity, size, amount, value, importance, etc. a small man, tax, audience, matter, etc. and little more often applies to absolute concepts he has his little faults, in expressing tenderness, indulgence, etc. the little dear, and in connoting insignificance, meanness, pettiness, etc. of little importance