Sentence Examples

  • People who are narrow-minded in their approach to life can make extremely difficult partners.
  • Rodney King famously asked this question, and unfortunately, in a world where many are irrational, and closed and narrow-minded, the answer is sometimes no.
  • Throughout his whole career Binney was a vigorous opponent of the state church principle, but those who simply classified him as a narrow-minded political dissenter did him injustice.
  • In 1805 he was elected to succeed John Playfair in the chair of mathematics at Edinburgh, not, however, without violent though unsuccessful opposition on the part of a narrow-minded clerical party who accused him of heresy in something he had said as to the "unsophisticated notions of mankind" about the relation of cause and effect.
  • At this time (c. 1815-1840) numbers of persons brought discredit on the missionary cause by their illiteracy, narrow-minded prejudices his advice it was decided to create a band of native states on the northern and eastern frontiers of the colony.