Sentence Examples

  • One of the most compelling justifications for the shift from bulky clock radios to minuscule high-tech devices centers on the superior technology that's responsible for these drastic changes in size.
  • These minuscule projections play a number of roles, but when it comes to digestion and absorption of nutrients, the villi increase the small intestine's absorptive area.
  • Problem is, there are such minuscule amounts of everything it doesn't have one iota of effect on anything except to sucker you into paying more for a clever gimmick.
  • It sucks in air, trapping any dirt, dust and debris inside the canister or bag while the filter traps any minuscule particles too small to be contained.
  • He abandons the practice of making a distinction between uncial and minuscule, on the ground that for textual criticism the style of writing is less important than the date and contents of a MS. To indicate these he divided MSS.