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Another word for mistress

  1. A woman in authority

      1. A husband or wife, especially the spouse of a monarch.
      2. A companion or partner.
      3. An animal with which another animal, usually of the opposite sex, forms a bond for a temporary period during which the two individuals maintain close proximity and engage in mating or other sexual behavior.
      1. A stringy slime composed of yeast cells and bacteria that forms on the surface of fermenting liquids and is added to wine or cider to start the production of vinegar.
      1. A woman joined to another person in marriage; a female spouse.
      1. One who directs a business or other enterprise.
      2. One who controls resources and expenditures, as of a household.
      3. One who is in charge of the business affairs of an entertainer.
      1. A woman employed as a houseparent.
      1. A guide or companion whose purpose is to ensure propriety or restrict activity:
      2. An older person who attends and supervises a social gathering for young people.
      3. A person, especially an older or married woman, who accompanies a young unmarried woman in public.
      1. One that is employed to look after or take charge of goods, property, or a person; a custodian.
      2. One that temporarily performs the duties of an office:
      1. One who is employed to perform or direct the domestic tasks in a household.
      2. A housewife or househusband.
      3. An employee of an establishment, such as a hospital, inn, or hotel, who performs or coordinates housekeeping tasks.
  2. An illegitimate consort

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