Sentence Examples

  • This youth of nineteen, the ill-omened son of a madman and of a Bavarian of loose morals, was a symbol of France, 7~22 timorous and mistrustful.
  • Had for a moment seemed ready to be a reformer himself; Royalperbut deprived by the Concordat of all interest in the secuon confiscation of church property, aspiring to political under alliance with the pope, and as mistrustful of popular Francis L forces as desirous of absolute power and devoted fJ~~nr~ Ii.
  • Vainly did Louis, brought back a captive to Paris, swear on the I4th of September 1791 solemnly mere lip-service to the constitution; the mistrustful party of revolution abandoned the constitution they had only just obtained, and to guard against the sovereigns mental reservations and the selfish policy of the middle classes, appealed to the main force of the people.