Sentence Examples

  • The sentence was forthwith executed, his body being thrown into the cloaca, where, however, it was found by another pious matron, Lucina, whom Sebastian visited in a dream, directing her to bury him ad Catacombas juxta vestigia apostolorum.
  • In all household work she was specially proficient, her skill in the use of the needle not being excelled (she said) by that of any matron even of Rouen.
  • In several churches the office of St Veronica, matron, is observed on various dates.
  • Polyclitus seems to have fixed the type of Hera as a youthful matron, but unfortunately the exact character of her head cannot be determined.
  • In 1544, consisted of a matron and twelve nurses, who were engaged in domestic occupations when off duty.