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Another word for woman

  1. An adult female

      1. A debutante.
      2. (Law) Abbreviation of debate.
      3. Abbreviated form of the female given name Deborah.
      1. A figure having the likeness of a human, especially one used as a child's toy.
      2. A woman.
      3. (Slang) Any girl or young woman
      1. (Law) Abbreviation of broadcast.
      2. A wide flat part, as of one's hand.
      3. (Offensive Slang) A woman or girl.
      1. Such an animal, especially a chicken or turkey, used as food:
      2. (Slang) A person, especially one who is odd or remarkable:
      3. Discharge from employment:
      1. A child.
      2. (Slang) A woman (especially one who is young and/or attractive).
      3. (Often Offensive) A girl or young woman.
      1. A female child
      2. A female servant or other employee
      3. (Informal) A female sweetheart:
      1. A female insect that lays eggs without impregnation by the male
      2. (Zool.) A female animal that has not copulated
      3. (--- Archaic) An unmarried girl or woman
      1. A sexually mature and attractive young woman.
      2. (Greek & Roman Mythology) Any of numerous minor deities represented as beautiful maidens inhabiting and sometimes personifying features of nature such as trees, waters, and mountains.
      3. The immature form of an insect, such as a grasshopper, that does not pass through a pupal stage during metamorphosis. Nymphs resemble adults but are smaller and lack fully developed wings.
      1. A girl or woman, typically 16-18 years of age, making a debut, esp. into upper-class society
      2. A young woman who makes her first formal appearance in society
      3. A young woman making a formal debut into society.
      1. A woman who has never been married, especially one past the typical marrying age according to social traditions.
      2. (Archaic) A woman who spins thread or yarn
      3. (Archaic) A person, especially a woman, whose occupation is spinning thread.
      1. (--- Now Chiefly Literary) A girl or young unmarried woman
      2. A girl or woman servant: often in compounds
      3. A woman or girl who is a virgin.
      1. A woman of gentle or noble birth or superior social position.
      2. A female member of the U.S. House of Representatives: usually a form of address
      3. (Historical) A woman in attendance on a lady of rank
      1. A woman superintendent or manager of the domestic arrangements of a hospital, prison, or other institution
      2. A married woman or a widow, especially a mother of dignity, mature age, and established social position.
      3. An older married or widowed woman, esp. one who has a mature appearance and manner
      1. (Chiefly British) A woman holding a nonhereditary title conferred by a sovereign in recognition of personal merit or service to the country.
      2. The title of a woman who has received an order of knighthood
      3. (Slang) A woman or girl
      1. Used as a form of address for a woman, often with sarcasm or irritation:
      2. (--- Informal) A wife or girlfriend:
      3. A woman who is the object of romantic or chivalrous love:
      1. A female organism.
      2. A female animal or plant
      3. A female person; woman or girl
  2. A wife or mistress

      1. (Slang) One's mother.
      2. (Slang, US) One's girlfriend, wife or significant other.
      3. One's wife or girlfriend.
      1. A woman joined to another person in marriage; a female spouse.
      2. A woman
      3. A woman with reference to the person to whom she is married
      1. A person who greatly enjoys something or has great affection for something
      2. (--- Old-fashioned) The illicit male sexual partner of a married woman
      3. A couple who are in love with each other.
      1. The person who is the object of such an affection; sweetheart; lover
      2. An expression of one's love or affection
      3. An expression of one's affection:
  3. A female servant

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Synonym Study

  • Lady , originally used specif. of a woman of the upper classes and until recently commonly used in polite or genteel reference to any woman, is now often avoided as a general substitute for woman, except in such formulas as ""ladies and gentlemen.''
  • Female , referring specif. to sex, is applied to plants and animals, but is now regarded as a mildly contemptuous equivalent for woman that strong-minded female is here again, except in scientific, technical, or statistical use, as in population tables
  • Woman is the standard general term for the adult human being of the sex distinguished from man