Sentence Examples

  • This was reflected in The Lord of the Rings when Boromir expresses apprehension about the Golden Wood of Lothlorien, followed by Eomer's superstitious comment that a "Lady of the Wood" lives there, and is a sorceress.
  • Led by Squall Leonhart they discover Galbadia has fallen under the power of a mysterious Sorceress named Edea.
  • The series features Jack and Annie, two kids who wind up going on a sequence of crazy adventures in an effort to help the sorceress Morgan le Fay.
  • Some authorities regard Medea as a lunar divinity, but the ancient conception of her as a Thessalian sorceress is probably correct.
  • It is significant that Saul in his last unavailing struggle against the overwhelming forces of the Philistines sought through the medium of a sorceress for an interview with the deceased prophet Samuel.