Sentence Examples

  • The more skill points you have the more spells you can cast each time you charge your wand so to get the most out of being a witch or warlock - raise those skills, make some friends then get to work.
  • The Nerf N-Force Warlock is a medieval-style battle axe in yellow.
  • Birdcatcher (L): Daniel O'Rourke (D), Songstress (0), Knight of St George (L), Warlock (L), The Baron (L).
  • Among his publications may be mentioned: A Rebel's Recollections (1874); The Last of the Flatboats (1900); Camp Venture (I goo); A Carolina Cavalier (1901); Dorothy South (1902); The Master of Warlock (1903); Evelyn Byrd (1904); A Daughter of the South (1905); Blind Alleys (1906); Love is the Sum of it all (1907); and Long Knives (1907) .
  • The estate of Gordonstown, close by, was founded by Sir Robert Gordon (1580-1656), historian of the Sutherland family, and grandfather of the baronet who, because of his inventions and scientific attainments, was known locally as "Sir Robert the Warlock" (1647-1704).