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Another word for male

  1. Of, characteristic of, or befitting the male sex

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Another word for male


Another word for male


Synonym Study

  • Virile stresses qualities such as robustness, vigor, and, specif., sexual potency, that belong to a physically mature man
  • Mannish , used chiefly of women, is most often used derogatorily and implies the possession or adoption of traits and manners thought to be more appropriate to a man
  • Manly suggests the generally desirable qualities, such as courage and independence, that a culture ideally associates with a man who has maturity of character
  • Masculine is applied to qualities, such as strength and vigor, traditionally ascribed to men, or to things thought to be characteristic of or appropriate to men
  • Male is the basic term applied to members of the sex that is biologically distinguished from the female sex and is used of animals and plants as well as of human beings